This is the core principle behind Marketing Field, LLC and the true belief of Jaimie B. Field, Esq.

For more than two years, we watched as the supposedly recession proof legal industry was decimated - venerable AMLAW 250 law firms like Thelen Reid, Heller Erhman, Wolf Block, were dissolved and at other firms thousands of attorneys, paralegals and support staff were laid off. 

Competition for clients has become ferocious, and marketing your services becomes just as important as your expertise.  Those who survived know how essential it is for attorneys and for law firms of all sizes, from solo practitioners to mega-firms, to cultivate the skills needed to successfully acquire new business and make the most of existing client relationships in building their practices. 

Enlightened Rainmaking (SM) Training & Holistic Marketing by Marketing Field, LLC, will help you build your legal practice, helping you and your law firms obtain more of the types of clients


Enlightened Rainmaking (SM)


When you are a solo practitioner or in a small law firm, if you don't bring in business then you don't have a business.


When you are in a large law firm, your future at that firm may be dependent upon your bringing in new client matters.


Yet they don't teach Rainmaking or Business Development in law school.


Enlightened Rainmaking (SM) Training & Coaching is a new method which takes every aspect of the attorneys’ life - his/her personality, desired lifestyle, business goals and coachability – into account and teaches them to use all of their assets to get the best out of their practice.  


Enlightened Rainmaking Training & Coaching brings the joy back to your practice of law as well as your life.


Holistic Marketing

Holistic Marketing looks at the entire legal practice - whether for an individual or for an entire firm - its client acquisition goals, the marketing that it is currently doing (or not doing) to promote the practice and the personalities of the attorneys and staff who make up that practice. 

Utilizing the best of

  • traditional marketing,
  • new technologies, and
  • motivational techniques,

Marketing Field, LLC will design a strategic plan, which is tailored specifically for the firm, and then assist in its implementation.



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